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sweater of the season

Today I’m featuring one of the coziest sweaters to ever grace my closet. I came across this sweater while idly browsing the Zara website; it was love at first sight. The vibrant color, luxe faux fur detail and cozy oversized fit, sums up my winter style perfectly. I paired this sweater with over the knee leather boots from Zara as well. The quality of the boots was surprisingly high considering how affordable they are. At first I wished the boots has zippers to make it easier to put on – The first time I tried them on, it took 4 hands, 10 minutes and a lot of energy to get them on- but after wearing them a few times, it’s gotten a lot easier to put them on each time.

With winter in Atlantic Canada, a coat is not an option. This Vero Moda coat was a lucky purchase I made a couple years ago. It has such a luxurious feel but the downside is it’s high affinity for lint. It’s  style completes almost any outfit with a polished look. My chain bag was a gift from Zara as well (seriously half my wardrobe is from this place lol).

sweater of the seasonsweater of the seasonsweater of the season

Final verdict on this outfit is a YAY! This is my go-to winter outfit combo: oversized sweater, thick leggings and otk boots. I’d wear this on a day out to just about any occasion.

It was seriously a lot of fun creating my first post. Can’t wait to share more! Leave a comment to say hello and let me know; what is your favourite sweater this winter?

INSPO OF THE DAY: “The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out” (Prov 20:5)

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