[dropcap]I [/dropcap]finally made it to the Spice Island aka Grenada! If you’ve read about my travel woes on my first attempt to get to Grenada, you’ll understand why this is such a milestone lol. Catch up on my unbelievable trip of bad luck here and here.

Though there were still delays on this trip (I arrived a day late), but better late than never. I was on the island for only 48 hours and it was definitely a weekend well spent. I was invited to tour the SGU campus and island. It is a gorgeous campus. I don’t know how students get any work done with the distracting beauty of the very blue ocean. I was very impressed with the school’s amenities. They were on par with any North American College except with the added benefit of a backdrop of nature at it’s finest.

So I arrived in Grenada at about 9 a.m. on Friday morning and had to be on campus at 10 am for the scheduled tour. I didn’t get through customs until about 9:30 a.m. and had all but 20 mins to drop my luggage off at the hotel, freshen up and get to the campus. It was a hectic start to my trip, to say the least.

After the tour, I had a lovely lunch on the school campus. It was grueling to choose out of the abundance of options but  I settled for some Caribbean cuisine of rice & beans and jerk chicken yum! Then my friend (shout-out to Francis!) gave me a mini tour of the island. The roads reminded me of Lagos (Nigeria) although very narrow and twisty, and they drive on the right side. It was an intriguing mix of Afrocentric hustle and the slow-paced island vibe.

After the drive, I was back to the hotel and fell right asleep. In the evening, I had dinner with Francis at Umbrellas, a restaurant on the beach. The mango mojito was particularly amazing and the food had lots of flavor.

The next day, I had breakfast by the lake at the hotel. It was probably the worst hotel breakfast I’ve ever had lol. It was a pretty view but all I had was a tasteless omelet and cold pancakes. Oh, and don’t get me started on the hunt to find some syrup. It was complimentary, so can I really complain?

After a mini- photoshoot after breakfast (thanks Lamide!), we headed to the beach where the students had a party so that’s pretty much how the rest of my day was spent. It was great to meet a lot of wonderful people. We played games and partied on the beach. The sunset was gorgeous. Oh and the bonfire!- it was a beautiful way to end my short trip.  The day was far spent and I had to prepare to be snapped back to reality and hope for a hassle-free journey back home.


” You LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.” (Psalm 18:28 NIV)


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  1. Lamide
    July 8, 2018 / 10:11 pm

    Just seeing this ! Looks great luv , can’t wait for August !

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