LIFE UPDATE – What’s been going on with me?

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]appy Friday! I know I have been a bit M.I.A and I’m here to tell you why. If you follow me on Instagram (you’re missing out if you don’t btw), you may have seen a recent post where I touched on some reasons why I took a break from creating content, but I thought I’d give my readers a more detailed inside scoop.




Ah, I hate getting personal by but here goes. I mentioned earlier that I transitioned into a long distance r.ship. I don’t really like putting my love life out there but it is all part of “exploring with Ola“.  This long distance thing is not easy, to say the least, but we are hanging in there. Also, I’m in the middle of making plans to move (for school) pretty soon and there’s a lot of anxiety that comes with that as I wait for everything to fall into place. I’ve also been working a lot of overtime at work to get some extra coins so that adds some stress to my time management.  I also decided to embark on a 30-day sugar-free diet. I’m on day 24 and boy has it been a journey! I’ll tell you all about it once its over. In the middle of all this, I’ve been getting so inspired, by the blogging industry, to create content but I was also overwhelmed with other stuff so I thought a break would be ideal. I took some time to reflect and redefine my perspective, brand, and goals for this blog. I’m looking forward to getting my creative juices flowing again.



How beautiful is this thing called faith? In the midst of all the craziness, God has made me feel His love in ways I could never be able to describe. I definitely fall short of His glory and I’ve become increasingly aware of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the amazing Grace that we have in Him. Prayer has become more and more a source of comfort and an antidote for worries. I’m also figuring out ways to hear His voice and sense His direction more clearly.  I really hope this blog is able to inspire someone to move on from being a title-bearing “Christian” to actually having a personal relationship and a friend in God. (*hint* upcoming post on this!)



I finally made it to Grenada! It was a short weekend getaway, you can read all about it here. There’s something about traveling that gets me uber excited. I need to do this more often. In the coming months, I plan to do posts on traveling/ exploring locally. Discovering the value of being a tourist in your own city/province/country(*hint*another upcoming post*).  I’m a huge planner so I’ll also share some tips on planning, packing and stress-free travel hacks. I know traveling can sometimes seem like a millennial cliché but it really is worth the hype.


Summer fashion is giving me all the feels. Sadly, It’s still a little chilly in Atlantic Canada but I’m currently updating my closet (when am I never not lol) in anticipation of some sunshine. I have tons of style post ideas that I’m excited to create. P.S – with my photographer being on the other side of the country, please bear with me if my substitute gives us some struggle photos *jk


If you got through this post, you are the real MVP. Thanks for your love and support!

How have you been doing? Leave me a comment


INSPO OF THE DAY: “For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand
                                                 and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.” (Isaiah 41:13 NIV)


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