Gearing up for the holidays doesn’t always have to mean going on a shopping spree for spanking new clothes. Christmas time is all about positivity, celebration, giving, and just infinite delight. The fashion scene usually mirrors whatever is happening in our environment since fashion is a means of self-expression. Hence, given the social climate, the holidays do hold an expectation of more festive and elegant dressing. Plus the abundance of holiday parties, Christmas markets, winter festivals, etc, make it an important time to adapt our closets accordingly, so that we can be fully immersed in that holiday spirit!

However, the holidays don’t have to be a stressful time where you need to empty your wallet to enhance your closet (rhymes lol ). Here are a few useful tips to bear in mind when developing a holiday style that’ll be sure to impress!



Whenever we transition to a new season, I like to take stock of all the clothes and accessories in my closet. Doing this helps me realize the items I don’t love or use anymore (which I need to let go of), and also the things that I still love and that are still adaptable to today’s trends. I like to take note of basics like turtlenecks, jeans, versatile boots, and also interesting or unique pieces. These make up the backbone or foundation of your outfits. Taking stock of what you have and thinking of new ways to style them will freshen up your holiday style without having to spend a dime!

Shop wisely

Now I know shopping for new things can sometimes be inevitable. I love to buy statement pieces that are both in line with the current trends but still versatile. An example is sparkly statement or jewel earrings which are all the rave right now. Or an animal print coat or unique bag. I find that a little can go a long way when you invest in the right pieces that can be worn multiple times and more importantly, that elevate the most basic of outfits. 


Outfit formulas

Style is so personal and its all about what you are comfortable with and what image you as an individual would like to portray. Dressing up for holiday events can be simplified dramatically if you have a few go-to outfit formulas that characterize your personal style. Some of my faves are

  • sweater + jeans/wide-leg pants + heeled boots (like here),
  • dress + over-the-knee boots, and
  • turtleneck + statement outerwear (jacket/vest/blazer) + suitable bottoms + boots.

Another benefit of having go-to outfit formulas, besides taking the stress out of creating looks for different occasions, is that it will help streamline what you shop for and avoid impulse buys or waste.  

PS: Your outfit formulas should definitely not be restrictive because the whole fun of fashion is in its flexibility! 


Hair & Makeup

Accessories, makeup, and hair are some additional components that tie everything together, creating a complete look. Try something different with your hair. Maybe add some curls or do a sleek ponytail to show off statement earrings. It is also the perfect time to get interesting with your makeup. Ditch the everyday neutrals and try bold eyes or deep reds and berry shades on the lips. 


Beyond clothes

The final and probably most important tip goes beyond the clothes. It’s all about the attitude! No matter what you wear, you have to exude positive vibes and just overall confidence. Don’t lose sight of what’s really important. The holiday season is more than the material stuff (which are wonderful). However, when its all said and done, the season is really about love. The love of God who gave us his son, Jesus, and the love of family and friends. So have fun with organizing your looks and dressing up for the holidays but be sure to live out your joy and exude confidence!




INSPO OF THE DAY: “Be on guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love.” (1 Corinth 16:13-14 NIV)

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