How to Plan The Perfect Picnic Date

how to plan a picnic

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]icnics are one of my favorite things about summer. It’s a great idea for a casual date or just a fun day out with your girlfriends. Planning a picnic can be quite the hassle but it definitely doesn’t have to be. There are just five main things to take care of in order to plan the perfect picnic.

picnic date1. Pick and time and place.

I love to plan picnics around the sunset and in a picturesque location to set the mood. Think by the lake or in a pretty garden/park. First look up what time the sun sets and plan to start the picnic about three hours in advance. Make sure to visit the location beforehand to help you get an idea of how to set up and figure out logistics. Another important thing to mention about choosing a time is to be aware of the weather forecast. Having a picnic on a rainy day kind of defeats the purpose of a fun summer day out.

2. Figure out your menu 

Mmhhmm.. this is one of my favorite parts of the planning process. A few things to consider when planning a picnic menu is what your guest likes, portability, and ease of making and eating the food. I’d typically have some finger foods like sandwiches, hand pies, chicken skewers, etc. Also, add some dessert like chocolate-dipped strawberries (yum) and pastries. For drinks, I love to have some wine, water, and refreshing cooler drinks.

3. Plan fun activities

This can make or break your day. You may end up chatting the day away but it’s always great to pack some games as back up. Some easy things to pack are a deck of cards or your favorite board game. I also like to play online question games that can help you have fun conversations and get to know your guest better.

summer picnic

4. Set the mood 

If you are an aesthetic junkie like me, you’ll want to make a beautiful setup. Try to coordinate the colors of your supplies like the picnic blanket,  pillows, plates, napkins, cutlery. A few props are great to take it to the next level. I love to add flowers, candles, candle lanterns and most importantly an old-fashioned picnic basket; because what is a picnic without a basket?

5. Make a clean-up plan 

After a fun day out, cleaning up may be the last thing you want to do but you can simplify this process by packing a garbage bag and using disposable plates and cutlery. Also, make sure to pack paper towels for spills and hand wipes and sanitizers.

So that’s it! You are just five steps away from a fabulous picnic.  What’s your favorite thing about picnics? Leave me a comment!


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