About Me


I am a medical student by day, and a blogger by night. But overall, I’m just a girl who has a passion for a lot of facets of everyday life. This blog is where I get to explore these interests and share them with you. From navigating the demands of medical training to planning the perfect outfits; traveling the world to growing in my faith. Here, you will find a balance of aesthetic content, inspiration, authenticity, and advice. So if any of this interests you; have a look around, leave me a comment or two, and I hope you’ll be back again!



As I explore this world of content creation, I have come to realize my dilemma: I love aesthetics, fashion, creating cute outfits, taking photos, making things look pretty, etc. BUT I love God and people more. My struggle is in trying to balance the vanity and self-promotion of the former with the platform of service, love, and light that I envision for the latter!

I don’t want to merely blend in with the aesthetic prowess of Lifestyle blogs and Instagram, and mold myself into the elusive influencer/blogger/content creator role. I actually want my blog and social media platforms to reflect me in my entirety.

My vision is to create a platform that brings joy and pleasure to people. That inspires and highlights the goodness of God in my life. That encourages love and peaceful living while keeping it real and embracing authenticity. A platform that is also informative re: fashion, travel, medicine, and faith.

So all this to say, I’m constantly revamping my blog and my page. It’ll be an ongoing process, but here’s hoping one day, I’ll look back at my body of work and be happy with what it stands for.